gino has been developed on a LAMP environment and requires a Web server, a database server and the PHP programming language.

As for operating systems, gino has been tested on Windows, MacOSX, Linux.


gino requires php>=5.3 with extensions:

Operating Systems

gino can automatically identify the operating system on which it is installed and automatically set the internal paths.

Web Server

The Apache Web Server is preferred gino, however gino has been tested on other web servers such as IIS and Nginx.

In gino is a htaccess file whose use is to convert the url requested and try to optimize application performance. This file refers to the following Apache modules:

In the event that you feed in the IIS Web Server the responsible file for the conversion of the url requested is web.config.

Database Server

MySQL is the official database of gino. The required version is mysql >= 5.0.

It also was also implemented the plugin for Microsoft SQL Server, and for other databases such as PostgreSQL and Oracle must wait for the release of the connectors.

What's next

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