The installation procedure of gino with its problems is described in the wiki on github.

The following describes a simplified procedure

1. Download gino

See the download page.

2. Prepare the root directory

The package should be unpacked in a directory served by the web server.

3. Create the database

Create an empty database and import the file dbgino.sql (for MySQL) or dbgino.sqlsrv.sql (Microsoft SQL Server).

4. Configure gino

Set the basic parameters of the site in configuration.php

5. First access

Access to gino typing on the address bar of the browser application, such as http://localhost/gino.

6. Main Settings

With reference to the previous example, access to the administrative area through the address http://localhost/gino/admin and enter the parameters of the default administrator user

Under Administration -> Settings to change the main parameters

Of course all of the options can be modified and inserted later. However, you should set correctly at least the parameters given to avoid such skip of the translations, of having to later modify user passwords, or to confuse the site on which you are working.

7. Problems of directory permissions

Refer to the wiki on github.