Feature v.2.30.0

  • The ability to set options in the Gino.Http.Response and Gino.Http.ResponseJson classes has been added.
  • A function has been added to derive the name of a country in reference to the navigation language.
  • Replacing the calendar that appears in the input data type (use jquery-ui)
  • View tags in the cloud from a minimum number of frequencies (parameterized).
  • The HAVING clause was added in the construction of queries.
  • Management of permissions in the display of related content based on tag matching.

In reference to the last point, in Gino.Model the displayItem () method has been implemented that is called to check if the contents of a given model can be viewed; this happens for example in correlated contents based on tag matches.
In the event that a Model implements the restrictions in the display of contents, it is sufficient to extend and overwrite this method in the Model by defining the visualization logic within it.