Feature v.2.3.0

The main elements that characterize this update of gino are the implementation of the query cache and library PDO.
The complete list of developments made:

  • Implementation query cache statistics and performance
  • Added methods for admin filter form: Now the methods called by AdminTable are "formFilter" and "cleanFilter", which by default call the "old" "formElement" and "clean". In this way it is more easy to customize filters behavior. It was possible to add a file filter which uses a text input and clean the user submitted value as text in filters
  • Added admin file filter in attachment application
  • Fixed bug:
    • meta tag and instance management
    • deletion of the directory content of a page when the page is deleted
  • Implementing a custom message when you enter a value in a field of type Slug that is already present as a value "slug"
  • Implementation PDO library (for compatibility with other database libraries now you can not use parameterized queries)
  • Implementation of a method for the elimination of the tags associations to content when these are deleted
  • Further developments with pdo libraries and updated for compatibility with SQL Server
  • Update libraries database connection (elimination of the methods affected, queryCache, resultselect, selectquery, actionquery)