gino 2.0.0

She was released the 2.0.0 release of gino just in time for the arrival of Santa Claus!

The work for this new release has been long but the results met our expectations and hopefully yours. The new version sees fact rewriting much of the code and the implementation of many features.
Below you will find the summary list of the changes introduced.

Reorganization of the directory and files (with additions and deletions)
Code optimization
Changes to the structure of the database tables
Plugin for use with SQL Server database (version 2008 and higher)
LDAP Authentication
Bug fixed
Implementation of functions
Updating template, views and css
Responsive Management Site
Updating font-awesome version 4.2.0
Implementation GImage class for image management
Implementation Gtag class for centralized management of tag
Implementation EventDispatcher class for the management of signals (events) between objects
Rescheduling of classes to be associated with the types of field (TagField)
Centralized management of errors with the development of the Error class
Implementation of the Logger class for notification of system logs
Implementation of exception classes, loaded in the lib/classes/exceptions
Implementation of test to be loaded into the directory 'tests'
Implementing new general views
Update functional applications 'Attachment' and 'Page'
Implementation of the Router class to manage the routing of an HTTP request
Implementation of the HttpRequest class that contains all the important information of an HTTP request
Implementation of the HttpResponse class and its subclass to handle the answers to a url; this subject is concerned to set headers and send the contents of the HTTP response
Changing the mechanism of definition of default language, now starting from 'System Settings'
Implementation button 'Save and continue editing'
Remaking paging content
Renewed management debug Site: when debugging is active the static files (js) are not united and minify and not sent email to the administrator in case of system failure. Producing (debug false) receiving notification of errors via email and static files are compressed.