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Feature v.2.30.0

  • The ability to set options in the Gino.Http.Response and Gino.Http.ResponseJson classes has been added.
  • A function has been added to derive the name of a country in reference to the navigation language.
  • Replacing the calendar that appears in the input data type (use jquery-ui)
  • View tags in the cloud from a minimum number of frequencies (parameterized).
  • The HAVING clause was added in the construction of
to be continued »

Feature v.2.29.0

  • The ManyToManyThrough and ManyToMany fields have been set unordered in the lists managed by AdminTable.
  • Optimization of the class Gino.App.Auth.auth.
  • Comments changes.
  • Fixed bug.

Feature v.2.27.0

  • An option parameter has been added to the Gino.GTag::getRelatedContents method to limit the maximum number of records per module type.
  • Implement the Gino.Controller::setSEOSettings method to set the SEO Meta Tags.

Feature v.2.26.0

  • Update test with PHPUnit.
  • Update content pages.
  • Implementation of the SearchEventInterface class that provides an interface for search forms with input select linked to each other with onChange events.
  • Implementation of the Utility class.
  • Implementation of the function daysOfTheWeek.
  • Fixed various bug.
  • Fixed bug in displaying menu items associated with permissions.

Feature v.2.25.0

  • The "args" key dump has been removed from the stack trace of an Exception for memory problems.
  • Implementation of mPDF plugin and Composer (Dependency Manager for PHP).
  • Implementation of PHPMailer plugin.
  • Implementation of Charts plugin (interface to Google Chart Tools)
  • In the application "App Creation" added the ability to insert a Model M2MThroughField.
  • Fixed bug.
  • Optimization code.

Feature v.2.24.0

  • Fixed error warnings.
  • In the skin settings the 'Maximum Priority' field has been added to overcome skin priority with session variable.

Feature v.2.23.0

  • The construction of all url addresses is now performed by the Router class. The separator character between instance and method is now the dot.
  • The alias definition for resource addresses has been implemented.

Feature v.2.22.0

  • Changes in the page view.
  • Editor input field implementation in the Options fields.
  • Implement options in displaying records in administrative lists.

Feature v.2.21.0

  • The Many2ManyField fields have been included in advanced data export.
  • A system module (buildapp) has been implemented to create new applications.