Feature v.2.7.0

  • Improving the display of search filters in lists
  • Modify "Top Bar" voice in phpModuleView class
  • Implementation PDO class as default
  • Implementation of option configuration DEBUG_ACTION_QUERY
  • The logger stops sending alert emails with error 404

Feature v.2.6.0

In the menu application were added the options to display menu voices that refer to the administrative page and logout.

Hotfix v.2.5.1

This update resolves the following issues:

  • Incorrect management of the rescue of the value of a field enumeration (for example in the registration form of a user), solved with the addition of value_type option
  • Incorrect use of the default value of a field model

Feature v.2.5.0

In this update we made changes to code refactoring:

  • Implementation Gino.ModelForm and Gino.Input classes resulting modification of the mechanism generating the forms.
  • Implementation of specific functions of cleaning of the fields associated to the various types of field.
  • Code optimization.
  • In the tools section has been added to the code view for inserting pages and modules in the template.

Feature v.2.4.0

This update has been designed model management with the differentiation between the structure (defined at the level of class and not instance) and any specific properties of each field.
In addition, the font-awesome have been updated to version 4.4.0.

Feature v.2.3.0

The main elements that characterize this update of gino are the implementation of the query cache and library PDO.
The complete list of developments made:

  • Implementation query cache statistics and performance
  • Added methods for admin filter form: Now the methods called by AdminTable are "formFilter" and "cleanFilter", which by default call the "old" "formElement" and "clean". In this way it is more easy to
to be continued »

Feature v.2.2.0

This update introduces the following features

  • widget "go to page" (in pagination)
  • management of autonomous registration of a user
  • implementation of the modification of the translation files (local type) through an interface

Hotfix v.2.1.2

The changes concerned mainly the management of languages, and in particular:

  • english translation of the contents stored in the database and the strings in the code
  • updating the layout of the home page and the inside pages with the display of choice language

Feature v.2.1.0

This update fixes some bugs and implements the editor CKEditor to version 4.4.7.

  • Fixed bug
    • manual installation of a package
    • input language in the form translations
    • reintroduction of javascript function externalLinks
    • problem of data consistency of the pages with the version MySQL 5.6
  • Added option "save and continue"
  • Updated version of CKEditor

Hotfix v.2.0.1

The hotfix fixes the following bugs:

  • identifying user language
  • problem on the json list attachments
  • selected item menu
  • path images pages
  • namespace fields float
  • model setIsConstraint
  • redirects the form of association of users and groups to permissions
  • creating users