Feature v.2.15.0

  • Integration libraries for using jQuery
  • It has been added deny_ordered option in Gino.AdminTable class in order to disable the ordering of the records in the lists
  • Fixed bugs
    • Misuse of Gino.Db::distinct() method in the construction of the query that displays the list of records in Gino.AdminTable::adminList();
    • management of permissions in the User Groups;
    • form of css management in the Layout application;
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Feature v.2.14.0

  • Has been written the form visualization with the implementation of the views form and section_form.
  • In the pages has been enabled the display of related content.
  • Adding ValidationError class for the management of the field validation errors.
  • Remodeling initialization language to eliminate the redirect and the answer with status code 302.
  • Fixed bug: verification of the request path in the menu items; encoding
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Feature v.2.12.0

  • Code improvement
  • The ability to add a parameter in the string that represents the content in the template has been implemented
  • The default values in the table page_entry were added
  • Upgrade MooTools to version 1.6.0
  • Update to adapt the code to HTTPS
  • Update translations

Feature v.2.10.0

  • Add properties for insert output applications in pages
  • Fixed bugs in Gino.Model and Gino.App.Searchsite.searchsite clesses

Feature v.2.9.0

  • Addition of the BreadCrumbs class to manage generic bread crumbs
  • Addition of the SearchInterface class to manage the research in user interfaces
  • Addition of the TagInput class to build Tag input form
  • Update Slimbox to 1.8 version
  • Fixed bug

Feature v.2.8.0

  • Update CKEditor to 4.5.8 version and activation of a file manager in editor
  • It has been added the edit_allow option  in the AdminTable class to allow editing of individual records
  • It added the possibility to allow specific users to edit individual pages
  • Fixed bug in ManyToManyThrough field

Hotfix 2.7.2

This update fixes the incorrect handling of BooleanField values in the radio input form.

Hotfix 2.7.1

This update fixes the incorrect saving the encryption method in the system settings.