Feature v.2.24.0

  • Fixed error warnings.
  • In the skin settings the 'Maximum Priority' field has been added to overcome skin priority with session variable.

Feature v.2.23.0

  • The construction of all url addresses is now performed by the Router class. The separator character between instance and method is now the dot.
  • The alias definition for resource addresses has been implemented.

Feature v.2.22.0

  • Changes in the page view.
  • Editor input field implementation in the Options fields.
  • Implement options in displaying records in administrative lists.

Feature v.2.21.0

  • The Many2ManyField fields have been included in advanced data export.
  • A system module (buildapp) has been implemented to create new applications.

Feature v.2.20.0

  • Fixed bug: error in saving float fields; error in calculating the z-index in the Gino.Input::input_date().
  • Implement date type inputs in extra filters.
  • Advanced data export interface in csv format.
  • Implementing the inheritance of template files.

Feature v.2.19.0

  • Fixed bug: inserting css files from the layout interface.
  • Inserting a javascript file for parallax scrolling.

Feature v.2.18.0

  • Changes to the 'Header & Footer' application.
  • View Google Analytics statistics within the "Statistics" application.
  • Implemantation GAPI library (Google Analytics PHP5 Interface).
  • Update Google APIs Client Library for PHP to 2.1.3 version.
  • The site search results page has been modified.

Feature v.2.17.0

  • You have added the option to view hidden applications
  • Disabled sending emails in case of a response http 403
  • jQuery core integration
  • New bootstrap menu
  • Style revision
  • Registry changes to system javascript loads
  • A page view was added

Feature v.2.16.0

  • Update Menu style
  • Upgrade to reCAPTCHA v2
  • Fixed bug - displaying images as a lightbox
  • Performance optimization with the implementation of the Gino.Apps class that keeps your istance values always available

Hotfix v.2.15.1

  • Changing the library lightbox
  • Updating the table nation
  • Updating the date field in the table auth_user
  • Code optimization and syntax
  • Fixed bug
    • change password in auth app
    • css modal
    • method getFromSlug