Release 5.0.0

New release that also carries out a substantial reorganization of directories.

  • New options app management
  • I have optimized the search procedure in the pages
  • Added ModelTools class to implement tools in the model
  • Updated the search to list items.
  • Updated templates.
  • Updates to use MySQL 8
  • Directory reorganization

Release 4.0.0

  • Complete removal of MooTools and transition to jQuery.
  • Stylization.
  • Login page template.
  • Block template removed.
  • Implemented a new mechanism to load css files and javascript files ( file).
  • Reorganization of directories.

Hotfix v.3.0.1

  • Css style in Modal and comments.
  • Redefinition of an internal url in another.
  • Add INDEX to sys_tag_taggeditem table for better performance.
  • Implementation of the Gino.Router::changeUrlQueryString() method to modify an address with the addition or removal of parameters from the query string. Implemented the Gino.Controller::REST() method for Restful Web Services.
  • Fixed bug.

Release 3.0.0

Implementation of middleware, in particular for injecting headers in the http response.
Output changes in case exceptions are called.
Implementation of the JWT technology.
Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.
Upgrade to jQuery 3.3.1.
Updating of the administrative area.
Modification of the management of the url aliases.
Update MooTools 1.6.0 with the removal of some MooTools More modules.
Implementation of the data_type option

to be continued »

Feature v.2.30.0

  • The ability to set options in the Gino.Http.Response and Gino.Http.ResponseJson classes has been added.
  • A function has been added to derive the name of a country in reference to the navigation language.
  • Replacing the calendar that appears in the input data type (use jquery-ui)
  • View tags in the cloud from a minimum number of frequencies (parameterized).
  • The HAVING clause was added in the construction of
to be continued »

Feature v.2.29.0

  • The ManyToManyThrough and ManyToMany fields have been set unordered in the lists managed by AdminTable.
  • Optimization of the class Gino.App.Auth.auth.
  • Comments changes.
  • Fixed bug.

Feature v.2.27.0

  • An option parameter has been added to the Gino.GTag::getRelatedContents method to limit the maximum number of records per module type.
  • Implement the Gino.Controller::setSEOSettings method to set the SEO Meta Tags.

Feature v.2.26.0

  • Update test with PHPUnit.
  • Update content pages.
  • Implementation of the SearchEventInterface class that provides an interface for search forms with input select linked to each other with onChange events.
  • Implementation of the Utility class.
  • Implementation of the function daysOfTheWeek.
  • Fixed various bug.
  • Fixed bug in displaying menu items associated with permissions.

Feature v.2.25.0

  • The "args" key dump has been removed from the stack trace of an Exception for memory problems.
  • Implementation of mPDF plugin and Composer (Dependency Manager for PHP).
  • Implementation of PHPMailer plugin.
  • Implementation of Charts plugin (interface to Google Chart Tools)
  • In the application "App Creation" added the ability to insert a Model M2MThroughField.
  • Fixed bug.
  • Optimization code.